Ludovica GRASSI

Ludovica Grassi, MD, Full Member Società Psicoanalitica Italiana (SPI) and IPA, MD, child neuro-psychiatrist, is a full member of the Italian Society of Psychoanalysis and IPA, qualified as an expert in child and adolescent psychoanalysis. She is currently the representative of Rome Psychoanalytic Centre in the Italian Board of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis. During her post-doctoral fellowship, she was a Research Assistant in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Cornell Medical Center, NY. Afterwards, she has gained an extensive experience in working with multi-problematic families, infant-parent psychotherapy clinics and research, and transcultural psychotherapy settings in her appointment within the Italian NHS, and in psychoanalysis of adults, couples, children, adolescents, and families in her own private practice. Her main areas of interest and research are infant psychoanalysis, ethnopsychoanalysis, and the role of music in psychic development. She is the author of a number of papers and book chapters on these topics as well as on individual and couple psychoanalysis.